AACTVision Video Verified Security Alarm Systems give you peace of mind while you’re home or away. Easy to use and it works!

Your home is your sanctuary. You want to feel safe but you also want to feel comfortable. An AACTVision Video Verified Alarm System, powered by Videofied, gives you maximum security coverage for any size household where both interior and exterior perimeters can be covered with a single system, and without sacrificing décor. You also have complete privacy when your system is unarmed. Our MotionViewers have embedded cameras that are motion activated and take up to a 10-second video that is sent wirelessly or via internet to a Central Station operator, letting operators see what’s happening while its happening, ensuring faster police response and virtually eliminating false alarms. Feel safe in your home everday and know that its being protected while we’re away. Contact us today and begin protecting your home and property with an AACTVision Video Verified Alarm System.

Your World Matters…Protect It! .

CheckVideo: *HD Smart Analytic cameras

– No software needed
– No servers needed
– Customizable
– Self or Central Station Monitoring Options

Peace of mind is what it is all about

Watch real footage of a break-in caught – and stopped– by video alarm verification.

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